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How ImpactMap works

Introducing ImpactMap 2.0

ImpactMap help nonprofits succeed by
simplifying program planning, outcomes
measurement, and impact reporting.


  • Plan Programs

    Create program strategies visually and easily with the Design feature in ImpactMap. No need for complex logic models and theories of change.

  • Measure outcomes

    Track program progress simply with the Metrics That Matter ("MTM") feature. Gather indicator data in real time from your PC, phone, or tablet.

  • Show funders impact

    Raise (and keep) funds for your program by showing funders success using the View feature in ImpactMap.

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Our mission

Create simple software that makes a difference
to the performance of the philanthropic and
nonprofit sectors.

The story so far.

ImpactMap 1.0

We created ImpactMap 1.0 because we
couldn’t find any modern software tools that
supported the whole process of planning,
measuring, and managing impact.


Use ImpactMap 1.0 to develop your logic model.

Read the feedback below on ImpactMap 1.0 from real users. We learnt many lessons and we are building them into the new ImpactMap 2.0.

  • Exactly right. Translate strategy into action. Show results and the gap. Roll up into a message about the impact.

    Boeing Global Corporate Citizenship
  • Stay within one tool. See how it all fits together and articulate this. Translate strategies into activities and resources. Want to roll up and down from the big picture to project specifics.

    South Carolina Public Health Training Center
  • ImpactMap helps them ‘tell their story’ for a program and as a ‘platform for feedback’ and a way to ‘adjust their plans’.

    Northumberland Child Services
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What have we learned?

The new ImpactMap needs to be simpler, better, and work along side you to amplify your impact.

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