Show your impact

Why use impact map

What is it?

ImpactMapTM   helps you design, plan, measure, and see your social impact. Much more than logic model software.  ImpactMap reinvents logic models, turns them into actionable project plans, enables impact measurement, and visualizes your outcomes.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to create social change effectively and efficiently. ImpactMapTM helps nonprofits, foundations, and governments create more impact and work better.

Why use it?

ImpactMapTM is the first complete social impact tool. Everything you need to design your logic model, decide your theory of change, plan implementation, define indicators, and measure outcomes. Show funders your results using elegant visualizations.

Benefits of impact map

Create successful programs

ImpactMap supports each step in creating impact. It moves your mission from goal setting to outcome measurement and impact reporting. Link key components of change together visually and easily.

Show funders your impact

Show funders your results and how you achieved them with ImpactMap.  Prove your outcomes with real-life field data gathered with our Grassroots™ module.

Do your work better

With ImpactMap you can share files, notes, and tasks with your colleagues. Store all your information in one safe place, with a history of everything. And because ImpactMap is web- based software, there’s nothing to install or worry about.

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